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Beyond the endless spindrift, beyond the rocks of the first, broken moon, there lies an island. Some myths have it as a great stone-boned bear that waded out in search of the rumoured kingfish and became mired. Some legends say it was a dragon killed and turned to stone by the ancient King Roanegar. And some geologists, in a storytelling mood, call it the lost daughter of the mainland. 
The locals have named it Tam Ys.

The way to the island is through a private link. Passage costs $10.00 (US) and can be paid here ...

"rich with wonder and moons and everything sacred"

-Raquel Vasquez Gilliland-

Once you have the link, you may come and go to Tam Ys as you wish. Listen to the fisherwives sing for their husbands. Watch the women gather medicinal flowers, learn how the pig-farmer's daughter became queen, and wonder what befell the beautiful prince who went hunting one day in Sironet Forest and was never seen again. Follow a strange and sad white thread of a tale which a Magician picks up and traces into the shadows of the island. Dance to sea music on a moonlit shore.  
Stories and songs will be added over the weeks, and you will also be given links to places where you can hear some of them read and sung. 

This is my personal, private version of Patreon. I am limited in the work I can do due to fibromyalgia and your patronage helps in so many ways, from income to encouragement. Thank you for the support!

You can view the pinterest board here. 

The heart of Tam Ys is made of grass. 
It whispers petals like poems and sings a drift of seeds. 
It lies in the laps of the old mother trees and dreams.

The heart of Tam Ys is a simplicity. Or so it seems ...


  1. Hello and Happy Birthday dear Sarah. As you cross the threshold into a new year you offer us this lovely invitation into your magical world of writing. I joyously accept!
    May this year bring you dreams come true and nights and days that thrill you. With love...

  2. Also....
    Your blog is looking beautiful. I love the art, all of it.
    And, how do you say the Ys? Like "Whys"? or some other way?

    1. Thank you :-) You can hear me pronounce it in one of the recordings ... it's Ees. I only discovered this when I said it aloud, lol. It was Is in my head but apparently on the tongue its different!

    2. Your voice is lovely for story telling!
      And thank you for responding, I like knowing how to pronounce it in my head.

  3. Happy birthday, Sarah! It is not a book that you purchase?

    1. Thank you Su. No, it's a website of stories, art and songs :-)

  4. So how do I get in after purchase?

    1. You should have been transferred automatically to the subscriber's page. I will email you.

  5. Hi Sarah, I don't have access after payment, have PM'd you on Facebook with my details. Thanks Lynn Hall x


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