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Writing is a tender business. You lay your {he}art word by word onto the page, and then try to make it perfect. It never will be, of course, and sometimes that's okay. Wild art, untamed words, the freshness of dreams dug up like earthy roots from inside yourself - sometimes, that's more than enough.

But other times you want something closer to perfect. Not everyone can do this for themselves. You may be soaked in art, wild with love. You may need a cooler eye to help you see where the flaws of your work can be woven back into the thread and where the beauty can be made to shine. This is where an editor is invaluable.

I have been writing for many years, have self-published and been published in several magazines, and have also taught writing to other people. I have mentored young authors and led classes in critical reading, high school level literature studies, and creative writing. 

Guess what? I published my children's story today! And can I say a humongous thank you for all your help and input :) You're such a fantastic editor and the best critic!  
- from a mentee -

Thank you sooooo much for overseeing J's essays. 
She learned really quickly under your tutelage, 
stretched her boundaries, and you made her 'dig deep'.

- from a parent -

Sarah, you are a very KIND LEGEND!!
Thank you SO much. What you said makes so much sense!

- from a client -

The feedback you provided is amazing and I really appreciate it. 

It also is a confidence booster ...
You've brought up some really great points 
and ones I'll definitely be using during my edits.

- from a beta read client -

Now I'd like to help you with your book 
... article ... essay ... 
or writing process in general.


Content Editing :  I will closely read your work and give you feedback on language, style, narrative flow, pacing, character development, and any particular concerns you may have. Your document will be returned to you covered in "red ink" and with substantial notes and suggestions attached. I will then be available for two email discussions with you regarding this feedback.

Beta Reading : I will read your novel and give you general feedback as to readability, style, narrative flow, pacing, character development, and any particular concerns you may have. I will then be available for two email discussions with you regarding this feedback.

Mentoring : I will read samples of your writing up to 500 pages (for example, a book excerpt or various pieces) and will give you compassionately honest input on your style, your level of mastery, and your potential, noting areas in which you may need to do extra work and areas in which you shine. I will then offer you up to five email discussions of my feedback.

Essays : It is my strong belief that a student's work should be their own. However, I am available to read through your essay and guide you as to structure and clarity, and to advise you in a manner which will give you confidence to express your knowledge in the best way you can. Different educational facilities require different standards as to referencing and bibliography, so I will not be able to advise on these.

To get an idea of my editing style, read these articles on my weblog:


I currently charge much less than many other editors. I know writers and students are generally an impoverished lot, so I want to keep my service as affordable as I can. These rates are current and subject to change.




TO EDIT YOUR NOVEL OVER 50,000 WORDS : $200 plus $5 for each extra 500 words



Please read The Fine Print below for payment instructions.

I am currently limiting my client load to two a month, which includes one novel edit and one smaller project. 


I don't do proofreading. I don't edit query letters or synopses, and I don't advocate for writers needing a freelance editor to polish their finished manuscript before submitting it to literary agents. I don't read manuscripts that involve excessive violence, horror, erotica, or sci fi technicalities. I don't do phone consultations.


If you would like to employ one of my services, 
email me on mythicwriter-at-gmail-dot-com 
and we will discuss your requirements.

As I am currently only accepting two clients a month,
which includes one novel edit and one smaller project,
I will be operating a waiting list.


Submissions : Please supply a word document (.doc or .docx) for content editing. For anything else, I prefer a PDF.

Payment : For projects under $200 I require payment upfront via PayPal. Over $200, I require half upfront as a deposit and the rest upon receipt of my service. I only operate through PayPal. In rare cases I will be open to an exchange of services; email me to discuss details.

Refunds: You may have your deposit refunded via PayPal only if I have not begun work on your project. Otherwise no refunds are available and this is non-negotiable. Once work has been completed and sent to you, payment of the remaining balance is non-negotiable. 

Time : I do not work on a per hour basis. Although I generally read very quickly, I can give no guarantee as to the length of time it will take to complete your project. For a novel edit, it's unlikely to be longer than a month. 

Testimonials : I reserve the right to publish in a non-identifying manner any feedback of my services which you offer me. 

Privacy & Safety : I guarantee that your work will remain private with me. Under no circumstances will the work, excerpts of the work, or your name, be published by me in any manner in any place. I will never sell, trade, or rent your information.

Right to Refuse Service : I maintain the right to refuse to work on any material for any reason. For example, the material may not fit with my expertise, it may be included on the aforementioned list of materials I will not read, or I may be unable in my current schedule to provide an adequate service. If this happens, I will refund your deposit. 

I'm happy to respond to queries
so please email me if you have any questions.
I will do a FREE sample edit
on any 100-word, incomplete piece
so you can decide if I'm the right advisor for you.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoy this weblog you may like to leave a tip.

Thanks & Blessings.