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Be where you are

There's a new story at Tam Ys about a woman who dreams the sea. I don't love the sea myself, but being so far from it recently was difficult. Even the storm we had one night seemed less powerful somehow, its voice thinner, although it stirred the trees in a way I always thought I loved, and that I've complained about not having here on the coast. I found myself missing the undrowned voices of the ocean. It was harder to breathe in the heartland; despite being surrounded by a vastness of fields and hills and forests, I felt trapped.

I love the shoreline, the edge, the distant luring sky. If that has to come with ocean, so be it. And I do love to write about the sea, for it's rich with language and poetry. I guess for some of us we have to leave a place to understand our connection to it.

So much is changing for me these days. I feel like I've been injured and am learning to think, walk, be, again. Sometimes I miss the way I was, other times it literally gives me a headache if I contemplate going back to that. Even knowing that I'm letting people down, and losing friends, and feeling terribly alone in this transitional space that I don't understand and certainly have not mastered yet. The paths ahead seem lovely, strange, daunting. As I begin slowly to follow them, I pack and repack what I want to take from before. And I wonder if I'll ever actually return, or if my new adventures are my new home.


  1. I relate so much to what you have written here. A couple of years ago I experienced painful losses and many big changes in a very short period. Since then, it has been just as you expressed in this post--like I've been injured and am learning to think, walk, and be again. What worked before no longer does, what interested me before no longer holds appeal. The people who expect me to be just the same as always are disappointed, and I can't help them. I only have the energy for surviving my metamorphosis. I am sorry, but what difference does it make? I don't know yet what I am becoming--and I am not unhappy; not at all.

  2. I've just savoured the newest Tam Ys story wth my morning coffee...
    Oh my! Thank you SOOO much - what a magical gift of a tale for a soggy May morning xx

    1. I'm so glad you liked it, thank you with all my heart for letting me know.


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