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On Tale-Shod Feet

All the stories of the world have been foretold. They are carved on the bones beneath old countries, deep tattooes that he seared into her while she lay back and dreamed. They murmur endlessly to the fire at the world's heart, keeping it going.

The rain knows this. The witches know. The bones under that strange, small country of your own body know. You walk stories.


  1. lovely...

    and i really think that the time has come for the knowing of witches all around the world to be told and retold until it informs our present and transforms our future.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think I could expound my whole spirituality in a comment box, suffice it to say I am pagan and believe all potential (story) is gifted to us in the very being of this world, this mortal experience.


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  4. the more I read these few lines, the more deeply moved am I. It feels like courage and memory, both. To keep before me that "knowing", which is a true thing. xx


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