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even more than the moon and the stars

And then maybe there comes a time when you decide you're worth it. This doesn't have to mean being brave enough to actually stand in front of someone and say so. Accepting your own worth has nothing to do with strength, and everything to do with compassion and tenderness. But maybe you will be able to quietly care for yourself in gentle ways, because you deserve it. And maybe you will stop making excuses for other people, because whatever they did (or didn't do) actually hurt you, whether they meant to or not, and it's alright to feel that hurt. Your emotions are valid and you are worth it.

Your hurt matters - perhaps not to anyone else, but to you, and that is enough. The thing is though, if it matters to you, it matters to the universe. You are one of the threads in the great weave of Life. You may think your thread is small, pale, insignificant, but without you, the weave would unravel. So I hope the time comes for you to shout, whisper, trace silently against your skin, I am worth it. And when it does, you will prove it to yourself by taking care of your hurts, needs, sorrows. The universe will surely thank you for it.

art by vladimir volegov
it looks rather like a scene from Deep in the Far Away, don't you think?
emma dreaming at the window ... although her hair is longer in the story,
and I suspect the hat is ever wider brimmed than this one :-)


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