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The Gift of Love

This is a subtle truth:
Whatever you love, you are.

- rumi -

The gentling of the year at autumn always brings me back to what I love, cosiness and comfort and the flourish of little cottage flowers in my garden after the long months of drought.  I can finally wear soft layers and lovely big socks. 

I can bring out my blankets, my candles, my teapot, and snuggle into cold starry nights to watch the inexplicable lights that flicker and dance over the ocean; i can settle into the deep peace. I don't like the word hygge, because I have an aversion to all things trendy, but I do adore the idea of it - of comfort, of homey warmth and caretaking. I think if we all prioritised these things in our lives, the world would be a nicer, gentler, more benevolent place. 

And I have a theory that we aren't only what we love, but that the things we love are what our souls see the world needs, and draws us to them so we can be them, make them, give them - our love is who we should be, so the sake of everybody. 

Your love is your blessing on the world. I don't mean that we should all do a job we love, because this isn't about money and the economy. I mean that if we love soft cosy blankets, we could take that and make our voices soft, make our countenance warm, wrap ourselves gently around problems, be the qualities that we love in a blanket. I mean that if we love flowers, we can be a moment of beauty and charm for other people, whether we live in a garden or in a stone cold city.

I've found that when I embrace what I truly love, rather than what I think I should love, I'm not only happier within myself but also my days become nicer, my creativity stirs more readily and more honestly, and I am better at solving problems in a way that works best for me.

What do you love best? Do you gift it to yourself, to the world? Or have you let the world tell you what you should love ... who you should be ... instead?


  1. I love autumn! I hope yours is filled with abundance :-)

  2. "the things we love are what our soul sees the worlds needs"... i am intrigued by this greatly. certainly, i have felt that the things i am passionate about are things the world needs to attend to better (like good parenting, and ecological awareness, etc); but then i *would* think that, wouldn't i? but this idea, that the actual things we are drawn to most strongly teach us how to be, and how best to nourish ourselves and others...that is quite fascinating. and likely very true!

    i've never cared much about what the world tells me to think or do or love or be. thankfully! and i agree that if we all prioritised things that bring comfort and peace, it would be a nicer world.

    "if more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." ("the hobbit")

  3. What do I love best... It is hard to say with the word 'best' in the question because it is hard to exclude some things in honor of it. But. What do you love best? Fire in my soul when I hear music and changes it says to make. That came to mind first.

    Sarah, what book is that page from?

  4. Beautiful thoughts. I know that I've thought this, but did not know how to express it verbally. So lovely that autumn is coming. I love all seasons, but it is sure nice to put summer behind! xoxo Su

  5. Sweet and lovely Sarah, what a beautiful post. Oh, how your soft and gentle photos beckoned to me. I couldn't help but relax and simply be still while I scrolled through your post.

    What do I love? So many things, but most of all my precious Savior, my wonderful husband, and my darling son. Hugs to you, dear one!


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