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Wishes For Stories

Today someone asked me if I dreamed of fame and fortune as a writer. The honest answer is that I like the idea of fame, or at least to know thousands of people want to read my words, which is why I am grateful for a weblog because it gives me a public platform to better enable that. As for fortune, it would be lovely to make a living as an author, but that happens so rarely, and in most cases for a particular kind. I do not want to write young adult love triangles and I can not write humorous romances; I am given the stories I am given, and must serve them.

Wintering, from The Coracle Sky

I am asked to write for quiet people, wild dreaming people who may not smudge their houses with sacred herbs or know the names of woodland mushrooms but still are wild in a deep, internal way. Our kindred love books, and can never have enough of those that hold our hearts gently even as they take us into magic. These are the books I want to write, the people I want to reach. It is a quiet thing to do.

Deep In The Far Away

It is also all I can manage at this time. If a publisher knocked on my door, I would open it. But some shy-eyed witches are not good at traipsing around knocking on doors themselves. They need to stay in the forest. When I look back from my death bed, will I regret not hawking some action-adventure YA novel on the traditional market? Perhaps. More likely, I will be thinking instead of walking my baby along peaceful avenues, and baking chocolate cakes, and having someone tell me my story healed an old wound in their heart, and knowing a student passed their exams because of my encouragement, and sharing celebration days with my extended family.

The most important stories I have ever told were therapeutic tales spoken aloud to the one person they were given for. Fame doesn't equal important. Fortune is not the real measure of worth.


  1. Lovely words from your heart. Healing. Quiet.

  2. in this 21st C world where everyone can easily share their creative offerings, be they writing beautiful poetic words, performing an ephemeral art installation, stitching a heart felt quilt, building a garden, baking a cake, whatever... my most "successful" friend is a day surgery admissions nurse in a busy hospital, she looks after everyone, she never thinks of herself, she is the most giving caring loving woman I have ever met, an inspiration for how to walk lightly on the planet and truly make a difference.

  3. I think we are often chided for things that we may not value ourselves, things that possibly don't serve society all that well overall, either. consider the following: "lack of ambition" or "no drive", "homebody", "wallflower", "just a mother", "underachiever", "settling", "passive", "menial"... who defines these things negatively? might they not just as well be worded other ways? like, perhaps, "contented", "self-directed", "hearth-keeper", "observer", "she who bears, preserves, nurtures, and educates the next generation", "internally motivated", "uncritical", "gentle", "humble" (or "caring")...

    some people prefer to roam in storm and speak boldly in the marketplace. others prefer to read in the forest, or by the fireside, and play pat-a-cake with a new soul in their keeping. all have their value, all enrich life as a whole if done with respect and truth and free choice. the worth of a talent or an action lies in its value to the person doing a thing and in its effects on others; if it brings joy to him/herself, and/or to others, if it adds beauty to the world or comforts a soul in darkness and sorrow, then it is intrinsically valuable and worthy.

    I am certain that you are right about what occupies a person on a death-bed...it isn't one's bank account or lost business opportunities. we can take only a spirit-harvest into death's country, and I greatly suspect that a loved and loving life, spent in service to one's own truths, will be paramount then.

    1. the best comment on the entire screaming Internet...

    2. I love this comment too! :-)

      Sandi, just so you know (incase you see this) I responded to your reply to my reply on your comment regarding the patriarchy a few posts back, and explained the reason for my delay in doing so :-)

  4. write for the quiet people, people like me, I like that.

    have a lovely day.


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