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Travelling Through Water

The sea is close tonight. It washes over the plain not with water but dreams. I'm sitting in the dark, having forgotten to go to sleep. It's too late to head on down to the shore but I wish I could, for it feels like the shore is trying to come to me.

This evening someone asked me to go back in time. For a moment I thought yes, I could do that. I know how. But then I saw what I'd been unsure of until that moment - I really don't want to go back. The river doesn't flow like that. Following the current may be frightening, but it seems even more frightening to be swimming backwards, or standing on some old bank watching everything else move on without you. It's a different proposition of course to take what the past gave you and carry it forward. Wading, floating, paddling, motor boating - however you go or how fast you go doesn't matter, so long as you are always facing towards the sea.

See this is what summer does - fills my mind with water. Come winter I'll be writing in metaphors of dirt, probably.


  1. "This evening someone asked me to go back in time. For a moment I thought yes, I could do that. I know how."

    How do you mean this, please...?

    You could...

    You know how....

    Just in the mind? Contemplating? Probably...

    I shouldn't ask questions here... The answers are usually obvious, and yet, I still have had to ask. -sigh-

    1. Actually it's pretty plebian :-) Someone asked me to do some work I used to do when I was involved in a particular community a few years ago. Every now and then these requests come up, and I am tempted, but I no longer belong to that community and I feel it's right for me to keep moving on.

      Always okay to ask questions, they are what makes the world go round :-)

    2. In my defence, I wasn't being entirely poetic, it really did feel like going back in time. And I believe if something feels like that, instead of like a door opening or a new flow moving you along, then it's possibility not a helpful thing.

    3. Thank you...

      And I see that you have returned to a past lovely Header. I think I remember that your daughter drew this, for you. It is perfectly beautiful.

      It makes me feel happy, to see another, who changes things around. Some people can leave their blog looks, exactly the same, for ages. I am almost driven, to change my Header often. Sometimes change the Look of my blog too.

      Perhaps it's my OCD. Perhaps it that my blog, is my way of expressing an artistic bent. I used to do more things, which fall into 'artistic.' For some time, it has simply been blogging. I try to keep my blog look, very pleasing to me... At the changing moments. :-)

      Oooops... Rambling...

    4. Rambling is good, I love it.

      This is my favourite header, and the little icon I use all over the internet. I love it deeply. Yes my dd made it for me, as she also made the cover illustration for The Coracle Sky and I keep nagging her to draw me something for the cover of my next novel. I might have to get up a petition though, she is very hard to convince, lol.

      I've changed my blog look incessantly since the beginning ... infact I've changed my url too, and the fact I've stayed at this site for such a long time now is amazing really.

    5. It should not be so difficult to ask for something, from dd. Look at all you have given up, and done, for her.

      Not my place to say, I understand.

      I understand...

  2. This was a great post to read. Such wisdom. I think I have been standing on a bank. I have never commented before but I read almost every day and the words mean ever such a lot.

    1. Thank you so much for writing :-) I'm glad these words were here for you.


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