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Rain Witch

The sky is bone white and murmuring old grievances. I am wearing a cardigan for the first time in months and feeling that autumn is a possibility, even though I know the heat will soon come back more intensely than ever. Just for now though, I am feeling like myself. Did you know that a witch would wear a cardigan and a long lace skirt? Well this is how it goes: a witch wears anything she wants.

I found the following picture on twitter and have been sharing it with all the women I know. I'm afraid there's no indication of the original artist, but it would have been a girl, for sure. Maybe men feel like this too sometimes, but I suspect society has talked most of them out of teddy bears, which is a real shame.

Now I have to return to working on my latest project. I don't actually know what day this is (Friday? I think?) all I know is that it's Chapter Three. The hardest chapter to write, in my experience. I find short stories easier because they are about two and a half chapters in length.  You have no idea how many novels I have written up to Chapter Three and then discarded. Usually my heroines will start out like the picture on the right, because stories tend to find them in their brokenness, but it soon turns out they are the picture on the left and I have to change all my ideas and it becomes quite awkward.

And so I'm back to the stone forest and the ghosts. Have a beautiful day.


  1. I think I have a mood, in between, too...

    "...a witch wears anything she wants." I fully intend to become a full time member of the Sisterhood of the Muddy Hems, this summer. Mine won't be able to be muddy, since I'd trip and kill myself, wearing a fully long hem... But just above ankle, is still long! I've had some, before. But summer, I will only wear long skirts. :-)

    Even if I do not, not, not have the figure for them!!!!

    Because, as you said; "...a witch wears anything she wants."

    1. Above the ankle is fine, that's how long most of mine are and you'll be surprised at how muddy they can still get! ;-)

  2. love the "my only two moods"...that would be me, certainly.

    indeed and a witch should wear only what she wants! I have many faces, and clothing for all of them. one of the nicer things about growing older is being surer of oneself. at least, it should be so; although I find many women still second-guessing themselves at mid-life and beyond.

    enjoy your cool interlude, and good luck with the writing.


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