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Having A Staring Contest With The Trickster God

I have discovered my favourite style of house decoration is "in the middle of moving everything around." I don't think my gypsy heart is ever more comfortable than when there are picture frames, books, and baskets piled up on the sofa, and a stack of chairs in the middle of the room.*

I'm currently in a stage of disorder not only with my house but also my writing project. I'm here with a ramshackle pile of mythological resonances and no idea where to put them. I have characters stuffed in edgewise, scenes on top of other scenes, and a plot that has to go in the middle no matter what. It feels like Gwydion is sitting here with his feet up on the edge of my latest chapter, smirking like he always does.

Gwydion's a trickster-magician god of Welsh legend, incase you're wondering. He tends to swindle me into a story and then turn up a third of the way through saying, oh by the way now it wants a name ... and then after another third, oh by the way now it wants weapons ... Maybe I should sit with Arianrhod at her hearthside table and plot my revenge on him.

* As an aside, it occurs to me that the bohemian gypsy fashion for interior decoration ... which I sometimes consider for my own home, considering how many shawls and seashells I have around the place ... is remarkably cluttered (therefore materialistic) considering it's supposed to represent the free-spirited.

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  1. this is very much one of the times of year when I feel that 'divine discontent' with my house... I have a desire to remove everything, paint the walls a different set of colours, rearrange the furnishings, etc, etc. this never really gets done, as husband is (ahem) allergic to change; instead I make furtive, partial changes to textiles and other small things, and do a bit of de-cluttering.

    I never really thought before, but you are right about the boho style being rather a contradiction! perhaps the gypsy-inspired bohemian clutter has its origin in the ordered chaos of caravan living? small spaces with all the necessities and comforts of daily life, plus souvenirs of journeys and works in progress? but translated to our larger homes, sedentary ways, and unbridled acquisition of stuff, it gets a bit...bent...

    well, my piles and baskets of stuff in transition salute yours!


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