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Blessings of an Evening Sky

The moon is a grove of light
where we can lay our wishes.

The moon is the sacred heart of the world.

The moon is a mother
made mother by the sun.

The wind is dreaming through the trees.

As I went through the world this evening I decided what I want to do with my public space is share some of the beauty and the blessings that I notice every day. I will try for every day. Maybe just a few words sometimes, maybe several, maybe a story or not. Partly it is to simply share, because I think we all need as much beauty as we can these days, and maybe it will inspire you to look for blessings too (and share them in the comments section). But partly also it is a devotional. I believe any space can be a church, and I'd like to use this one in such a way. 

I may change the template here as I go along, or may not. Often I spend too long looking for images to go with posts, and I'd like to free myself of that obligation perhaps. 


  1. Devotions have been on my mind a lot lately - partly because I'm reading Mary Oliver's 'Devotions' each day. A wonderful xmas gift from a beloved friend overseas.
    Truly, it is a book of prayer, a liturgy... 'Earth's crammed with heaven', to be sure!

  2. I read your Bag of Seeds & Stars sending just before coming here...

    "Our ancestors made churches in wild and intimate places, and understood that farming is a conversation. At harvest times like Lammas, that conversation rose into song. "

    This moves me so deeply! And brings me to tears to think of how many of those conversations have been stilled over the decades, and what sort of conversation-if it can even be called that-monoculture/agribusiness "farming" might be? Farming or no, I am beginning a new conversation with the land I live upon and hope that it will one day become a song. xo

  3. let's "lay our wishes in the moonlight" together here.

    in such conversations with the land, and with each other, may hope be found.


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