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The Dreamer in Sunlight Hours

Sometimes I worry that I am not doing enough with my time. I disagree with Mary Oliver that this is my one wild and precious life, for I'm certain something comes afterwards ... but even so. Every day should be full of worthwhile endeavour or adventure, ought it not?

But then I remind myself that my life is not just held in daylight. There is the moonside of it also, the dreamside. We breathe in our waking hours, breathe out our sleep. We live these streets and gardens, and we live our mystical, feral dreams. Who is to say that what we do with the outside of existence is more important than the inside?

Perhaps even the real living is done when we dream, just as the real living for trees happens where we can not see it - beneath the earth, in their roots. And so our days would be just an outward expression of our sleepworld. I certainly believe waking and dreaming are equally real, equally important.

Perhaps the Faeryland we seem to know well enough to tell stories about is right there, before our closed eyes.

illustration Barry Windsor-Smith


  1. In an orchestra there are subtle notes and bold, each taking turns to sing their part of the song. In between are spaces of silence. Without them the notes wouldn’t make sense.

  2. For so long, doing has been privileged over being... but perhaps what we do on the inside, in the dreamtime, is as important as what we do on the outside. Perhaps even more so, for it is in dreams and quiet reflection that we come to know ourselves, and thus to shape our actions. The soul speaks in stillness and in dreams. If we are lucky, we will pay attention...

  3. To look inward to see outward. To dream. To allow ourselves just to be who we are. I'm working on that.
    You always make me think.. deeply. ♥

  4. Well, I don't know ... the notion of an adventure every single day sounds a little ... tiring, or at least, too energetic for me!

    Mind you, simple homekeeping and mothering and all the sweet routines of domesticity are mighty adventurous in and of themselves ... So perhaps I am having adventures every day after all!!

    {{hugs}} my friend


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