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Looking for Answers


She walked ways of old roses and broken roads, looking for answers to the weeping of the world. But all she learned was that there were roses, and tiny things with such breakable wings living in the cracks of the roads, and that in the end she could only do what she could do for the world's weeping, and hope it was enough.

* * *

Today is gentle, warm, and calm, as I always think a Sunday ought to be. It is unfortunately not quite peaceful though. The tiny story above was inspired by the fact my absent neighbour's alarm has been sounding for the past three days and nights. I have been listening to a great deal of lovely music to try covering the sound of it.

* * *

And now, I offer you a little survey, because I think they're fun to make and to answer. If you have trouble viewing it here you can follow this link instead. (I'm particularly interested in hearing from people who read my weblog and/or my books.)


  1. Surveys are always fun. I shall be curious to see the results, if you care to share them...

    Sorry to hear about 3 days’ worth of alarm noise. That is crazy-making!

  2. I enjoyed the survey :)
    So sorry your peace has been shattered - I loathe house/car alarms, nobody takes any notice of them, so what purpose do they serve??

  3. I can't reply in any way that would give you an honest result. I would need to check 3 out of 4 options on all the questions. There's not one that's even a tiny bit truer than the others, I like variety in all things.

  4. Filled out the form. But wish I could have chosen more than one answer :)

    Noise is so hard to deal with sometimes. Used to have construction work right outside my window during the summer months. Felt like it was wearing me down and I almost cried with relief when evening came and they left for the day.

    Hope you find inspiration to write something you love.

  5. I would enjoy all formats. Your writing is like a
    basket of soft yarn held up with wings for me to
    capture and dream and create. Simple words softly said.

  6. I took the survey!

    We all want to stop the weeping of the world, and the alarms, but here we are weeping and there is a wall between us and that god-awful alarm so we can not turn it off. Beautiful music is a good answer!

  7. Interesting survey. I could have checked more than one option for many of them.
    I love your style of writing.. magical yet makes one think.
    I also love the newsworthy.. I'm a political junkie.
    Weird mix. ♥

  8. Your top prose is beautiful and took me to summer when it is hot and the wild roses bloom in the forest and bugs seem to rule the world. And I wander collecting petals. So different from my snowy world.

    I read through the poll and could attempt to answer, yet I like all those things at different times. It would be near discomfort to settle on one in each category. ( I am like that with most polls).


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