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A Path of Roses

I have been giving new names to old places lately, Anne-like. I find it draws me into a closer and more empathic relationship with them. And so my neighbourhood has become to me Three Waters, due to its being situated, yes, between three bodies of water. Walking through Three Waters is very different from walking through the officially named neighbourhood. I could almost believe people here are charming and friendly (infact, some are) and that I happily belong here (I never will). Some days I even imagine a castle over the hill to the north, and that I might see a gallant knight riding the long road, taking roses to his lady, or patrolling against dragons.

I wonder if there are any other people in this country who dream their days into quiet magic. Probably not - especially not adults. Once we grow up, we must change our dreams from knights and roses to houses and cars and overseas holidays. But even children these days are asked to take on a new Anne spirit, bold and shrew and darkened by inescapable realities. It hurts my heart to know there are children growing up in New Zealand who will never hear about King Arthur, or how violets might be pieces of the sky, or that they even can imagine a castle over the hill, despite suburbia.


  1. Reading this washed me through with sadness, because yes - the children that will never know. But it's a happy kind of sadness as well, because you are in the world feeling these things too.

    Three Waters is a beautiful name! You've inspired me once again, dear lady. x

  2. I will always dream of knights and roses. See stories wherever I go...or at least I hope I will. I love the name Three Waters. Makes me want to name this place as well. Perhaps to Crystal Rivers or something to do with mountains. And the new Anne series made me feel rather depressed. She often says things Anne said in the books, but I feel she doesn't feel what she's saying. Like there's no true dreaming behind the words. And of course, it's all very dark. Everything tends to feel very pushy and forceful these days. The new Anne almost seem mean to me. Sigh.

  3. I love Anne. She has always been a kindred spirit to me :) Story imagines and re-imagines our humanity all the time. How and why we tell stories is so important. I have to admit to loving both Anne's both the old and the new version. The books will always be most special to me though because that is where her spirit comes through most true of all :)

  4. Oh, this makes my heart so happy! I haven't had enough reminders of Anne's magical world, lately. Thank you for this, Sarah.<3

  5. it's a beautiful idea to be able to think about one's surroundings more poetically, especially when the modern world impinges. i bet your names for things are far prettier than the mundane ones.

    i liked both adaptations of "anne" in different ways, but i really had trouble with the ramped up darkness and such in the new version. maybe for some children who have themselves experienced trauma it could be relevant, but i wouldn't choose to show it to my own daughter if she were still young.

    i share your sorrow that children may be---are, certainly---growing up without the rich world of previous story and song and poetry. they have not been given anything of commensurate value in exchange...


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