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And here is the rain again, floating down with such a gentle voice, the way the sea sounds some mornings, coming up on to the earth: reverent. I like that today is subdued, a little rainy, reverent; it seems just right for the traditional day of observation for Ostara, the spring equinox, which comes officially (astronomically) on Saturday here. The earth is a pregnant bride and her lover treats her with wonder and care.

His soul still went on tip-toe before her, lest the charm be shattered 
and the dream dispelled.

LM Montgomery, Anne's House of Dreams

All the rain that's fallen lately has been a soft lesson in love and convenience. I want to go out - but it's raining, so I can not. This is inconvenient ... but how can I be upset when it's raining, which I so dearly love? Love is worth sacrifices. Infact, in the sacrifices you may find even greater depths of value. It's a sacrifice of time to make bread by hand for your family. But that time can be used for contemplating each of your children, and wishes for them can be braided into the dough, and your heart may ease into a calm and healthy rhythm like the kneading of the dough, the dreaming of love, the being in reverence for life.

 People talk of sacrifice as if it's something they nobly take on, but more often than not I experience sacrifice as a gift which blesses me.

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  1. Please send some of your rain this way. It has hardly rained here for months (it has all passed to the south), and it is so dry, with the fire season already here. I think it will be a dangerous summer. Some rain would help.

    1. I fear for our own summer. Every year it seems to rain less and less over those long hot months to the degree that I wonder if we're developing a dry season and a rainy season. Climate change is real and heartbreaking. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. sacrifice means, quite literally, "to do (or to make) holy"...to engage in actions that create or partake of the sacred, to hallow one's world in some way.

    making bread for one's family? absolutely holy work. fitting oneself into the world harmoniously by accepting seasonality, seeing the beauty of rain even though it temporarily limits mobility? that is being in sacred relationship with the sacred world. creating a home that blesses and supports those who dwell or visit there? this, too, can only be a holy thing.

    and so, when we see what we do with love and devotion in the right light, it is indeed both sacrifice and a blessing...yes.

  3. As always, you give me something to contemplate. Thank you.

  4. I can almost smell the bread, warm and hearth-like.
    I love rain.. our rainy season is just beginning.


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