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Blogs Can Change Your Life

I read an article about Ursula le Guin which grieved that she was only blogging these days rather than producing more books - for blogging is "a diminished form of writing," and never changes a life the way a novel can.

As a blogger, writer, and reader, I disagree with this. There are books which have inspired my heart, guided my own creative process, and confronted my thoughts. I guess in that way they changed my life. (I've never packed up and moved to another country or taken on a new line of work because of a novel, but there are non-fiction books which have persuaded me to make significant changes.)

There are also blogposts which have had the same influence. Infact, dare I say it, possibly more so. There is a power inherent in the brief, immediate, sincere nature of the blogpost which readily impacts a reader's heart and mind.

Because of other people's blogposts, I began writing poetry. And presented my books for publication. And experimented with homeschooling methods. And expanded my own education. And took up sewing clothes. And explored religions. And worked on improving my photography. And tried new things. I could go on and on. Infact, I sometimes feel that blogs (a word I despise, by the way) can be too influential upon me. I've struggled with maintaining a calm ground of selfhood while surrounded by so much inspiration and creative thought.

I want to say to all the women out there who feel they are "only bloggers" and that their writing is of no importance, thank you for the very real importance you have had in my life.

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  1. i agree. blogs that i have read over the past years have been so helpful to me, and have expanded my horizons immeasurably. while i can understand how a writer of le guin's caliber and prestige might feel she was doing "less", i think it is a fallacy to equate quality with quantity in any form, which that statement really rather did... she is an amazing, truly stellar talent; a great modern writer and thinker, and a personal favorite of mine. maybe in her world, blogging is "diminished" in comparison with her other extraordinary work.


    there are women who said that they decided to breastfeed, or to continue breastfeeding, their babies, or to persist in gentle parenting techniques, based upon a blogpost or even upon a single compassionate and complete response to their questions on a post or forum site (i used to be a vetted forum poster on a couple of AP related sites), and if *that* influence---that will shape an entire human life---is somehow not adequately influential, well, call me happily small-minded...

    (and thank you, for your blog writing.)

    1. It was the interviewer who opined that, not Ursula. I imagine Ursula understands the value of all forms of written communication.

    2. well, thank heavens. it seemed an oddly judgmental statement for her about her own work?


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