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Recently someone took me by surprise, asking for a printed copy of Suburban Magic. As I am in the slow process of printing all my books for my own personal library, I agreed. I didn't know quite how to talk them out of it. But the truth is, I'd not really recommend anyone read Suburban Magic first of my books. This got me to wondering what order I would infact recommend if any newcomer was inclined to read my writing.

I would suggest the novel Deep in the Far Away first. Simply because it is a novel. After that The Coracle Sky, because it is my personal favourite and the more recent example of my fiction. Then Driftways, after which a reader would perhaps be acclimatised enough to my style to venture into Suburban Magic. Then they may like to consider the two poetry volumes, The Memory of Light and Otherwise, which were written several years ago. There is also a selection of my small poems at my instagram gallery.

When I wrote Suburban Magic, I was captivated by a powerful need to do something, however small, for the disempowered enchantment of the world, whether that be actual faeries or merely people's imaginative relationship with nature. I must admit, that need has faded now, or rather has become crippled. It's hard not to feel low and hopeless in the political environment of these days. It's hard not to cry when a neighbour cuts down most of the trees on their property. At times like these, I comfort myself with dreams of beautiful places where flowers are still wanted and rivers are treasured as the spirits they are. I soak in lovely writing, warm imagery. I tell myself there is no shame in resting, seeking comfort, building strength for the long haul. To the people who create beauty that others may rest in it and be uplifted - thank you! You do gentle, vital work.


  1. Darn, I never thought to ask for a printed Suburban Magic, what a good idea, especially for a non-fiction lover like me :)
    I'm hoping your Deep in the Far Away will gently lead me back into loving stories again... I've struggled through so many poorly conceived ones in our village book group - I rather despair how so many 'bad' writers get published!!

  2. Oooh. I might buy all your books printed :o

    I know, it's so hard to see beauty being devalued, destroyed. It feels like we're breaking our own souls really, as we dig out the mountains, cut down the forests. I think our souls stay alive through beauty, gentleness, love. Sometimes I run up north to the mountains where the air and water is still very clean, and it's easier to forget for a while then, what is happening.

    Thank you for your lovely writing!

    1. But people are destroying things here too, and pushing to destroy more :(

  3. Not everyone understands the artist mindset, which I believe is there from our birth.. just waiting to be found and explored. Yours is very special, I see it through all your beautiful words.
    Though the outside world is mostly out of our control.. your art, your thoughts, your soul.. is yours and yours alone. They can never take that from you. Stay beautiful, my friend.


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