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living in a fairyland

For some of us, the horizon is not where land meets sky, but where eye meets world. And the veil of magic, drifting gently, is not between our world and some hidden fairyland, but our heart and what we suppose to be real.

Recently I spent an afternoon in my neighbourhood sensing castles beyond the small far hills and knights riding through a wide, lonely landscape where it seemed a thousand houses stood but perhaps they didn't, perhaps they were the dream and my lovely wishing was what was real. Perhaps a white and gold pennant flew from a stone tower that overlooked the sea. Perhaps dragons slept amongst dark trees. My heart felt it, never mind what my eyes could see. As I cycled the noisy streets, all I heard was a sunlit wind, and I thought myself alone amongst old country beauty where a magician king quietly ruled. No grimy politicians, no overcrowding, no chainsaws cutting into trees. Just enchantment and peace.

And so I felt enchanted, peaceful. It's strange how we privilege our physical senses and dismiss our dreams as if they don't, sometimes, have more power over us than what we literally experience. This is why I'm grateful for fantasy books, fairy tales, old romances of knight and sword - they are arks for a world beyond the intimate horizon, behind the veil of our hearts.


  1. Imagination is a powerful thing, is it not? It kept me going all the years I lived in town, surrounded by concrete...
    But I admit living here, in a village surrounded by trees and fields, is so much easier, and less exhausting, and I give thanks each and every single day!

  2. i thoroughly prefer your vision-world to the real one...

    i struggle sometimes with balancing my own tendency to live in a (largely) imaginal world with my belief that it is good to pay attention to and appreciate where one is at the moment. with my physical surroundings, with the people in my life.

    we are funny things, we humans. :)

  3. So lovely. At times I think I feel myself through the world more than I see it. We can find beauty anywhere :)


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