a quiet song on sunday

bees in the lavender
earl grey tea in a delicate cup
chicken sandwiches
a stack of books to read
dreaming with a dear friend
floral sheets
warm socks

the bushes appear empty now, winter-wasted
but i see the rose wishing in their tangles, the summer in their sleep.

There is such a quietness here today, I can hear old song sighing across the plain. Unfortunately, I live in a place where the Hum is strongly audible, and some days it is quite annoying. I'd not experienced it before moving here; infact, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a Hum. When it gets particularly aggravating, I cover it with music; however, music affects me quite strongly, so I don't like to play it all the time.

(Lately I have been listening to Fleurie and dreaming grand stories of old, empty mansions and rose enchantments and the longing in the dark. I can not listen to her music while reading or doing housework, as it fills me with such drama that it's hard to go on being ordinary.)

Peace isn't always about the cessation of sound. I experience it best when there's rain, or a wild wind through trees. Living in a house which has no trees nearby offers little peace, for all that the neighbourhood is usually very quiet. In the quiet I hear the Hum as perhaps I wouldn't with the whispering of leaves to shelter me. Peace is the natural world unfolding as it ought.

Have you ever heard the Hum?


  1. *bemused* The Hum! I didn't know it had a name. I should have guessed however, with humankind's need and propensity for naming and the urge to understand. Delve deeper, delve deeper!

    Anyway! The Hum. We do hear it, experience it. Myself and my teens. One of us always comments when they become aware, and then we sit, in silence, and let it envelope us. I've never found it bothersome ... it is an astonishing enfolding in the deep.

  2. well, now, this IS intriguing! i hear a more-or-less continuous humming sound very frequently. i do have tinnitus often, so i had lumped it in with that. i wonder if it is more noticeable in coastal places? where i live you are never very far from water---inlets, bays, rivers---that all link back to the chesapeake bay or to the ocean more directly... i do feel the hum is more evident inside of a house, oddly. perhaps because the wind or cicadas or what-not are less audible there, and so do not compete with it. i sort of feel happier thinking of it as a natural sound, rather than another artifact of tinnitus.

    the fleurie is very pretty music, but i can see easily how it might distract or disrupt one from a quieter type of consciousness.

    on a whimsical note, before i clicked through to this post, i read the start as "bees in the lavender cardigan", which i found a charming idea. like bees in one's bonnet, but less distressing. i love bees, and would happily share my cardi with them if they were equally happy about it...



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