alone amongst the stars

If you are planting, I beg you never plant only one tree. They are social beings, they love to have friends and community. Infact, solitary trees do not thrive as well as those in a glade, and tend to live shorter lives. No wonder, for they have no one to hear their song, and no one to sing to them or to share with them sustenance and encouragement. They are utterly alone in the world and bereft of any conversation.

I must admit, I do not understand the search for extra-terrestrial life. Not when we could right here at home explore how to speak, as once we did, with trees and flowers, beasts and birds. That great question - are we alone amongst all the stars? - can be answered so easily by taking your hand and leading you into the garden.

art by eleanor fortiscue bricksdale


  1. I don't understand the search for extra-terrestrial life either. Apart from being wasteful (of money and precious 'resources'), it's short-sighted, even blind in its aims. There is so much life here, so much passing away into extinction. Better to pay attention to the world outside our doors.

  2. oh, i do agree---we do not understand our own sweet earth! why go racheting off looking for more places to despoil?

    it makes sense to me to plant trees, and many things, in multiples. they are very social beings. i love that you have pointed out that they need friends, and family, and conversation partners.


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