marking the path

So, do you do this for yourself? Do you lay bright fragments on the path to guide you when you come that way again in the dim light? Sticky notes on the mirror, emergency chocolate in the cupboard. Do you leave marks of love and courage for yourself?


  1. i've wanted to read that book for some time---thanks for the reminder!

    and yes, i do keep little things tucked away for dark days. in my family, we call it "chestnuts"; we have video chestnuts that we keep for long winter evenings or snow days. i have certain books that i return to when saddened, and saffron tea for bad days. special vintage perfumes that i treasure, and wear only on either celebratory days or especially trying times. little vials of rose absolute, for more ordinary bad days, to comfort the heart. amulets. and literal "stones", all sorts of crystals, pleasing to look at and to hold...

  2. Such an interesting concept to think of it that way. I do have white peppermint chocolate in the refrigerator. I buy it at Christmas and save it until I need it. We have lots of teas, but I need to make it part of my day again. My garden with all its herbs... Essential oils in a special box beside the diffuser... But I think this could be figurative as well, not just ritual or literal. I would have to give it more thought. xoox Su

  3. Yes, I haven't really thought about it from this perspective, as my focus is on healing, with writing and yoga, I have left a note from a horoscope on my mirror: 'the right thing doesn't always seem like the right thing until it has happened.' I love inspirational quotes also, which has now reminded me I need more of those around. Always grateful.


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