wild and dreaming stories from the edge of the world

listening to leaves and stars

"She stood there : she listened. She heard the names 
of the stars." 
- Virginia Woolf

Winter is coming, bringing with it words and a wolfish sea. I am making a space inside myself and around myself to nourish small new seeds of creativity. This happens as sure as the fattening of the moon on autumn horizons, the fall of the leaves. I soften, and then the softness slips away, letting the bone-dark secrets have their day.


  1. As you enter winter, we enter summer. Summers are lovely, here in Washington State.. but I've always had a liking for winter. Enjoy your new winter spaces. ♥

    1. thank you. Our summers are usually long and humid; I do not love them. I love the rain, early evenings, storms.

  2. Beautiful. I love our winter, because I get to wear a coat. I think it is cold, but visitors don't. Our winters are so much better than our summers. xoxo Su

  3. mmmm, i love winter.

    may you be well-wrapped in your nest of creativity!