winter's quiet threshold

A line of honey light through the grey, and so dawn broke on equinox morning. Now in the south comes the wolf half of the year. The Lady tends her fire, which is the hearth and heart of all the world, the oven that gently kindles seeds and dreams, while outside the wild lord storms. She needs his storms, or else her fire would be overheating. He needs her fire to give him purpose. Today, they kiss at the threshold. Tomorrow they dance until the sky is the colour of owl wings and embers, and our hearts are awakened to the cosier, quieter, aspects of love.

Take a feather from her long brown hair. Take a breath from his barefooted laugh. Clean your pantry, refresh your children's craft supplies, organise your soft blankets. This is the season of the inward breath, the time to care deeply for home - your home of walls and windows, your heart that is your home, the hearts of other people, and the concerns of the homeless. It's time to think about what you will lay on your own hearthfire, and what you will break away, clear away, with your own wise storms.

Where ever you are in the world, may you blessed be with all the light and darkness you need, and all the love possible.

And for those of you celebrating the spring equinox in the north, here is a beautiful poem by the magnificent Jacqueline Durban.


  1. i enjoyed the poem---hares! i have seen hares "boxing" a few times, at my old homes, and always think of it this time of year. magical, strange, wondrous.

    a very happy equinox to you!

  2. So beautiful. Your words all have wings, so to fly into my heart. ♥

  3. Beautiful, as always. Blessed Equinox to you as well. It is the beginning of Spring here, and I already miss the cold Winter days. <3

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. I'm sorry, I have been away and unable to respond properly


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