the shy woman

Just because she is shy doesn't mean she's not skilled at what she does, nor that she lacks respect for her own skill. It only means she finds it hard to talk about herself.

Just because she is shy doesn't mean she considers herself less than you. Nor that she has little to talk about. She has walked some of the roads ahead of you; she is an interesting shadow behind the firelight, a story of old moss and gold. Just because she is shy doesn't mean she's insensitive to your condescension.

And just because she is shy doesn't mean she wants to hide her light, only that she prefers the calm beauty of shining like a candle rather than a torch, illuminating a small and quiet dark.

Yesterday was International Women's Day here, today the north is celebrating it. This post is dedicated to the quiet women who deserve celebration just as much as the bold and famous. 


  1. Beautiful thoughts. I've been painfully shy my entire life, and made fun of. Now, in my 60's.. I finally have accepted and embraced my shyness.
    Thanks, from all us shy gals.. for this post, Sarah.

  2. I've only truly learned to embrace my shyness over time. Told to take a stand on the most trivial issues, for which I hold back on. We are the deer folk lightly treading the forest, and quietly see nature as a great gift every day. Inner strength is what I survive on, and nature is the provider. Love to you all. Thanks Sarah.

    1. Yes, women who drift with the deer. :-) <3

  3. So true! The shy ones are as beautiful as violets in the woods.


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