the quiet and the small wild bells

I have opened my door to the morning. It lies gentle on the cool, singing world. Gold is threading through the memory of night, over the ocean; light seems to be rising from the earth. I can hear cicada love songs, so long and so weary, and the little sparrow bells. I wish I could carry this morning in my heart all through the day. Civilisation is for extroverts. Sometimes to survive it requires the strength of the new morning's quiet - and plenty of tea.

This moment holds me in privacy, intimacy; a long wordless look between me and the sky. I can say so because the moment is gone now - the day broke abruptly into clarity, into a sudden vigour of light. Someone moved outside. I got up and closed my door. I will be out amongst the others soon enough. Trying to hear through all the noise. Trying to keep my own quiet. For now - tea, I think. And the lingering peace of the sky.


  1. one of the most cherished and comfortable parts of my day is the quiet morning time with my teapot. if i don't get that, the whole tenor of the day is awry...and yes, civilisation absolutely is for extroverts. it was created by them, it mirrors their ways, and it serves them. i, on t'other hand, would make a fantastic hermit...

    the sky has moods as does any person. the tender dawn is dear to me. as is the deepest blue dusk, just as stars are becoming visible, after the opulence of sunset. there is great beauty in a blue sky, sometimes a wild joy, which i admire and love, but feel somehow less kinship with than i do with a pearly grey sky on a rainy day. but the gentle dawn and resonant dusk times are when i am most at home in myself, and when the sky seems most clearly to speak to me.

    1. ah, you are a kindred spirit :-) I love the sky, and especially on a rainy day.

  2. I love early morning for the same reasons. It's so peaceful. You have such a beautiful way of describing a moment.

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  4. lovely
    makes me consider how each day can hold all the seasons of a year within. Perhaps morning is a bit like a sincere winter.

  5. i have always been a midnight girl, the early mornings coming just too early. until lately. lately i am awake before daylight, and i let the cat out into the early darkness and sit in the silence. it is not a bad place to sit.

    this writing is a piece of beauty.


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