a new story from old

It used to be I had dozens of weblogs on my feed reader. Now there are only a handful, partly because so few people are writing these days, and partly because I no longer have time to keep up with what I consider the "magazine blogs" of certain mothering/crafting writers - truly beautiful spaces, but there comes a point where you understand that lifestyle inspiration doesn't really draw you deep into your own life.

Besides, I am working on a new project, and it's demanding as many of my hours as I can reasonably give it. This one is very different from the books I've produced before. I'm nervous about it, and oh how my hand hurts from all the typing! but I can not seem to stop. That is why, despite there only being a handful of weblogs on my reader, I have seldom been able to visit them lately or leave a comment. My apologies to you. I hope in a couple of months' time I will be able to produce a good reason for your consideration.

The title of this post refers to the project. A new story - although its not really a story as such, not in the way people generally think of such things. It's non-fiction, but it draws on very old stories. You'll see, I hope.

In the meanwhile, I hope this new year is treating you well, and I send you wishes of warmth and love.


  1. How exciting! I hope it goes smoothly and that we can look forward to reading it when it is done!

  2. New book! Those words make me so happy. :) Can't wait!


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