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sacred days

It is quiet here now, this Christmas evening. I think of all the people who celebrated with joy, and all the people who struggled. It's a shame we make this day so weighty. I hope where ever you are in the world, and whatever your situation, you experience peace and love, not only at Christmas but all the everydays, which are sacred too. 

I wish I could gift gentleness to the world. Roses and soft rain. Courage and grace. A calm hope for our future and the future of nature. I see so many people bringing such things quietly, where they can, with whatever work or wisdom they have to offer, and I think maybe, maybe, we will go well after all.

For millennia, people have paused just when it looked darkest
to celebrate silence and to have faith in the return of light.
Peace to all.
Eric Garland


  1. Warmest wishes to you, Sarah, this Christmastide. Brightest blessings for 2017 xx

  2. Peace an love to you, dear Sarah. ♥