old fashioned weather

This December has been gentle, a little cold. And that has felt like a gift to me, for I've been able to go on wearing cardigans and socks a while longer. I've had moments, riding my bike through the neighbourhood where lawns are still green and sprinkled with pink, with gold, of feeling really quite content. After years of bruising heat, this at last is what an early summer should be like. It is the mellowing of the old year.

I know it's just a respite. I know the climate will go on warming. But I am glad for this little peaceful comfort before the long sweltering battle ahead. 

Now, I don't normally blog these days about my personal life, but I do have one anecdote which I believe is too sweet not to share ... My brother lives far away, and he sent me a gift through the mail which my mother assured me was "just my style." When I opened it on Christmas Day, I was astonished.

A few months ago, I'd bought a Royal Doulton vintage tea cup from my local charity store. It was a remarkable find because usually good quality, delicate, tea cups are impossible to locate here. And my brother had sent me the same cup. He'd found it in a quaint little shop filled with assorted chinaware, and chose it on a sudden whim. Of all the tea cups in the entire world, he bought me one to match that which I already had, not even knowing I had it.

I wish you all the very best for the turning of the year.


  1. A beautiful moment of serendipity. What a lovely gift to receive.

    My family doesn't really do Christmas presents anymore, but my parents bought me two books, on the birds and native plants of the Blue Mountains. This surprised and confused me, because a week before Christmas I was in a bookshop looking at those very books, thinking they were just what I needed, so I am very glad that I didn't buy them myself.

  2. That is a magical story, I love that!

  3. Sweet endearing story.. thanks for sharing!

  4. love the teacup serendipity---that is wonderful!

  5. Lovely seasonal weather and the story of a beautiful, thoughtful gift--joy!

  6. What a beautiful gift! I hope that 2017 keeps on giving you wonderful gifts.


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