dreaming tales

Little tales of magic and wild thinking, 
given to me in the half-hours and unasked-for moments,
to give to you.

Moon Juggler At the Dream Circus
she tosses the moon, but what will happen when it comes down?

The Weaver of Unwanted Magic
a woman makes enchanted circles in a square-loving world

The Wolf in the Forest
a short sharp tale of Little Red Riding Hood

Snow White & Rose Red
sisters wild and gentle

a woman is wishing for our world

a fairytale about wild love 

the owl king's wife gives birth

a tale of gratitude

a woman of leaves and dirt dreams

before the Beast

a wild small fairytale from the starlit hills

once upon a time there was a real woman

a tale of anxiety

a true story

if Buddha had been a housewife

a parable about found treasures

when magic comes to dance

the witch & the pig farmer's clever daughter

a woman dreamed for herself a beautiful garden

there is a wild quiet magic in the woodlands

how to recognise wickedness

a parable of tears

the story of the princess's regrets

an excerpt from A Womanful of Bones

The Wise Woman
the blessing (or perhaps the curse) of Jezibaba

Mother Hulda & the Wicked Girl
look again at the old story from the perspective of the stepsister

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