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dreaming tales

Little tales of magic and wild thinking, 
given to me in the half-hours and unasked-for moments,
to give to you.

They have not been edited, so are a little like
the burr-snagged pelt of a forest-thing,
or the sudden leap of a heart.

The Girl Who Knew Bird Language
and the young king who would teach her words

The Wing-Hearted Queen
a swan falls in love with a kind-hearted prince

Everywoman & The Monsters
written after watching Dr Christine Ford's testimony

The Wolf Bridegroom
what will become of her, married off by her father to the wild wolf?

The Weaver of Unwanted Magic
a woman makes enchanted circles in a square-loving world

The Wolf in the Forest
a short sharp tale of Little Red Riding Hood

Snow White & Rose Red
sisters wild and gentle

a woman is wishing for our world

a fairytale about wild love 

the owl king's wife gives birth

a tale of gratitude

a woman of leaves and dirt dreams

before the Beast

a wild small fairytale from the starlit hills

once upon a time there was a real woman

a tale of anxiety

a true story

if Buddha had been a housewife

a parable about found treasures

when magic comes to dance

the witch & the pig farmer's clever daughter

a woman dreamed for herself a beautiful garden

there is a wild quiet magic in the woodlands

how to recognise wickedness

a parable of tears

the story of the princess's regrets

an excerpt from A Womanful of Bones

The Wise Woman
the blessing (or perhaps the curse) of Jezibaba

Mother Hulda & the Wicked Girl
look again at the old story from the perspective of the stepsister

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