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Gentle Summer Days

Yesterday it rained, and as the world turned to silver and quiet song, it felt like hope. Today the sun has returned, pouring heat over the land, and everything has gone to gold again. In my country right now we are literally under the weather and quite oppressed by it.

I am a little under my own inner weather too lately. These things come and go. I have old injuries which trouble me, slow me down - usually just at the moments when I need energy. I've been trying to ease myself into the world despite this, and have been wandering about local public gardens collecting film footage to turn into little videos. It has been a lovely, quiet kind of adventuring.

I haven't been able to do much with the footage yet, but did make a teeny tiny video, the merest thing, to lure people into Tam Ys.

And as I mentioned the other day, I made a video using the beautiful The Fisherwife's Song music Danielle Joynt put with my lyrics. This was my first effort so it's not as good as it might be, I have only a very basic editing programme. But it was fun to make, and I am keen to make more when my health allows.

If you would like to hear more Tam Ys music or read the stories, you can subscribe at any time at this link. You can also get my books here and read about the mentoring and editing services I offer. I'm always tending towards being quiet and private about my health situation, but will say that the income support from people buying my little books is more valuable than I can put into words. Thank you to everyone who has done so, and who has graciously shared reviews and links. Word of mouth means everything in the indie world.


  1. these are pretty!

    i am glad that you got some rain at least, and hope the heat will break soon. it's so wearing to live in heat for days on end.

    sorry that you are feeling less well. many people i know who live with chronic illness are feeling worse just lately, myself included. hopefully it will ease soon...


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