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Writing for Happiness

One of the lessons I've learned this past year with my writing is, be where the energy uplifts you. This has been helpful for me in particular because while we're so often told to write what we love, or what inspires us, I love many things, and am constantly inspired; consequently, that advice is worse than useless. It actually causes writer's block in me. I have too many ideas! I want to write them all! And so I end up writing endless synopses but no actual stories.

I find my creative focus through reading. When I'm visiting other writers' sites or reading their books, what makes my heart feel like it's bouncing for hours afterwards? What makes me want to get up and do things? That's the kind of effervescence I'd like my own writing to create in me (and ideally in other people too). 

I've reached an age where I appreciate happiness more than all other rewards for writing. I'd honestly rather spend weeks and months working on something that made me cheerful, energised, and excited, than something I soberly thought worthwhile, beautiful, or important.

What energised me this morning was reading one of the fabulous, funny stories provided by Kim Watt on her website. (I'll be going back and reading more when I have time.) As many of you know, I spent 2018 writing a comedy novel. It's official genre is Adult Modern Fantasy Romantic Comedy With A Splash of Parody and A Dollop of Farce, which doesn't yet officially officially exist but I'll budge and shove until it does. I plan to spend 2019 doing more of the same. It's what I like to read, so why not write it also? It makes me happy.

Everyone's motivation and priorities are different of course. And everyone will find energy in unique ways. That's why it's so necessary to have a diversity of books available to us. And it's why, I believe, there needs to be great support services available to indie publishers so they can provide readers with quality writing in niches not practical for traditional publishers.

My own little provision towards this is open today. I'm offering affordable editing services to writers and students. I actually enjoy editing, and you'll see if you click the link that I have experience with it. I'm starting off quietly to see how it goes, but may grow my client list if I find it doesn't take away from my own writing time. 

Speaking of which, I have new stories for Tam Ys that need attention, and another novel to get moving. So I'm signing off with many warm hugs and wishes for you to have your favourite kind of day. 

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