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even if no one ever read this ...

I stood in a field today and cried. Oh, lots of reasons why. It was the field where I met the meadowsinger from Suburban Magic, and she was singing again this morning with a voice that was all joy somewhere amongst the long flowers and old gold grass. I opened my eyes and opened them again* and saw love. Just love.

Just never mind roads untravelled and hopes unlikely and all the things that didn't happen. Just love, that's all there is and all you ever need to be.

I know it sounds like some pop song from a better decade, or the blurb for a cheesy self-help book, but to be honest it's what keeps me upright, and walking into fields instead of sitting on the sidelines: this idea that even if I get nothing in my life, I can give love. I can be love. To one person, or a dozen people, or the great gorgeous sky, or all the people reading this blogpost. Even if I'm just love to myself. It matters more than anything else in the world, because it is the world.

So today (and every day) let me send you love. You deserve it, you are love yourself.

* waving to my fellow Terry Pratchett fans
photograph by Allegra Villella


  1. Your words just made my heart burst. A thousand thanks and blessings to you, beautiful soul. xx

  2. Thank you - and returning love on the harshly cold December wind from England. May it warm by the time it reaches you <3

  3. to quote a pop song from a better decade, "love is all you need."

    in some incredibly profound ways, it is. love is "the force that drives the green fuse through the flower", the mover of all that is, the greatest thing any of us can ever do. love is the right response to the beauty of the world, and to its pain. and to love in the face of things that hurt and frighten is also the right response. our love is a song of gratitude for our being, and the world is full of wonder.

    thank you for reminding me of it.


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