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Tumbling Onto Wild Shores, as if fallen from a moon

I read this morning that Hedgespoken Press are releasing a new collection of books. Small, brown-winged books rising out of tangly old threshold places - seven of them, by seven wonderful artists. I am an impoverished artist myself, and am unlikely to ever be able to buy any of them, but there's this gift story gives to you, this boundless richness : just a speck of it and you can unwind a vast wealth of magic and tale, for the rest of your life if you choose.

martin shaw

So I read the little excerpts of these seven books and since then have been dreaming in a mad weave of oak, smoke, sea, hearthfire. Now I feel like half a dream myself. I feel like I have fallen from a far cold place into stories. That's what myth does for us - it tugs us out of our complacencies and simple understandings, so that we fall into it; into magic. That's what the wild god, with his long patchwork coat and his shoes layered like commonplace books and his horned smile, does for us. Makes us fall.

Because of course we're not really falling, we're flying.

And it's one of the reasons why I post stories here at Knitting the Wind inbetween writing a bigger tale - because the treasure of story is the inheritance of all. I like to leave tiny stories laying around when I can so that maybe someone will pick them up like a coin and get for themselves a feast of their own imagination. It's not the story itself that's important but the leaves and seeds in it: the rose-scented wind, the window in a dark castle, the bending road, the peddlar only briefly mentioned, the things that catch your eye in the middle of all that narrative and make you wonder. Make you fall into your own wild magic.

The writers of this book series by Hedgespoken Press are absolute masters. Half a paragraph from each of them can keep me aloft all day. I hope you will visit the site and see for yourself, and fall into their enchantment.

Here again is the link to Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone. Let's encourage independent publishers and dreamweavers all we can.


  1. Sarah! What a beautiful new space you've created here. I like it! :-) Redecorating from time to time feels good, doesn't it? xox

    1. Yes I am a redecorator from old. As a child, I had a neighbour who said she liked to redecorate often as it was like having a whole new home. Her husband was a sailor and she was lonely I think, and restless in her heart. I myself have always wanted a house on wheels, but failing that I move my furniture often and my weblog template too :-)

      I really like this new look though and can't imagine changing it for a while ... although I've said that so many times before, lol.

      Thank you for your kind feedback, I appreciate it more than I can say :-) You are very lovely to tell me. I hope you're having a good day. I haven't had as much time as I'd like to visit weblogs lately.

  2. the new format looks nice!

    oh, the "seven doors" series...we wants it, my precious...

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning our venture, Sarah - I love these words. We'll be running some offers and competitions and such things in November, once the books are back from the printer. I do hope that somehow one or more of them wing their way over the seas to you...

    All the best from a cold, clear day in Devon

    ps for readers wishing to avail themselves of news about the series, subscribing to the Hedgespoken Press newsletter at http://newsletter.hedgespokenpress.com/hedgespoken-press-news


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