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Acorns in her Lap

You never know when the small good that you do, maybe even without thinking about it, so small you barely register it, will touch upon a great unseen hope in another heart, and make magic. Thank you to whoever shared The Girl Who Knew Bird Language across facebook; it's been viewed an enchanting number of times. (Of course, I can't say if people liked it or not, actually read it or not, as I have no way of knowing without them leaving a comment or tagging me in the shared facebook post. I can only lay out the words and let them serve how they may.) 

I try when I can to spread word of writing I love. It is the power and the blessing of the reader. Something I find a little more difficult is to give praise directly to writers. It has always been daunting for me because I grew up thinking writers were superstars - so much more amazing than musicians for sure! The number of times I have swooned because a famous writer has left a comment on my blogposts or retweeted something I wrote!

The internet has cured me of this, mostly. Alright, somewhat. A little. Being a writer myself has also helped. I used to have a file of kind words from readers which I would dip into whenever I needed a boost. Unfortunately, I lost it when my previous computer broke. Each of those words was an acorn that grew stories like trees. There is a writer, whose name I sadly can't recall, who says she keeps reader feedback as printouts on the walls above her writing desk, and in this way her readers are part of the space (physical and emotional) in which she writes. I too keep you in my heart as I work on my stories.  

Here is some wonderful writing I would like to share with you:

I am thinking that next year I will try seeing how these writer wings of mine might uphold me. I have a novel in the works (although I'm undecided yet which publication route I will attempt) and am considering a collection of healing fairytales, perhaps illustrated if I can convince anyone to join me in that. I am wondering if Patreon would be a good place for me. I am thinking of how I can share more poetry and also offer narrative-style tarot readings. I have a lot of ideas and a very old dream but it's scary so I'm still just sitting and thinking. 

art by Christian Schloe


  1. Sarah, thank you so much for sharing the link to my poem. It means so much to me, especially as I am not in a good place at the moment. It has helped to bring a little bit of cheer back to me. <3

    1. I'm sorry you're not in a good place, I hope things improve for you soon. I thought your poem was worth sharing, I loved it, and I'm sure others will too.

  2. it is very natural to take delight in others' commenting upon one's work. every maker wants her/his creations to find a home in other souls...

    the links are lovely. some are old friends, and others are new to me. thanks!

    i am grateful that the internet has allowed me to connect with others who share love of the green world, of art and home-keeping and literature and poetry and witchery large and small...

    i would love to read your novel one day, when it is ready for flight, and definitely a collection of healing fairytales. poetry and tarot narratives will be most welcome, too!

  3. I would love to see your writer's wings holding you up more buoyantly and believe they can...but I find Patreon difficult to be with. Wondering if there are other ways? And also interested in opinions about Patreon. And now I want to go and find that lovely reading you did for me, so long ago. xo


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