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A Hymn to Her

I have been hearing Her voice all my life, singing in the timbre of dirt-cozened insects and sun-stretched trees; murmuring beneath the words my mother spoke, and my nana, and sometimes even me. I was raised from birth in the pagan spirituality, but when I was about seven she came to me personally, and I have adored her ever since.

Although perhaps it was She who spent hours in my company when I was five and six, halfway up a tree, in the form of a little brown slater. And then again in a caterpillar's wistful body. And as a shadow beneath the river's weedy surface ...

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Over the years, I have witnessed how her spirit and voice have grown stronger throughout the worldwide community. A new religion, drawing from the wisdoms and traditions of many ancient ones, has blossomed with astonishing speed. There has also been a great longing to learn from the traditions of people such as Native Americans, but sadly those groups cling to their heritage and are reluctant to share, or to teach us openly, understandably due to the hurt others have done them over the years. I am grateful that, in New Zealand, the Maori are bravely generous.

For a long while I wondered why Her voice was becoming so strong and so popular. I thought perhaps it was a consequence of feminism. But now I wonder if infact it is the other way around - that feminism was a consequence of Her voice rising. I wonder if She felt the factories burning her breast, and if She choked on the smog, and so roused women to cry out for Her - but first, for themselves. And at the same I wonder if she inspired in the hearts of men a great courage and nobility to fight against the old imperialism, and the new facism, that would bring endless harm to the earth - perhaps too so men would thereafter use that courage and nobility to uplift and listen to women, and do good by the land and the oceans, and bless Her.

Brenda Ferrimani

But the Men in Suits are defying the growing movement of Love, literally destroying this planet so they can have a bit more money in their already bulging pockets. They are causing wars, eradicating whole cities, ecosystems, species. They are ruining communities and leaving people to shrink away alone in silence so that the latest phone will be a great success for a few months. I think it must be a madness, this incomprehensible greed - for how can you enjoy money when the world burns?

And so Her voice is growing even louder. And more people are singing it out. This week I felt the anguish of women's experiences in America until new reports of climate change began coming out, and then I thought, why are we fighting about anything right now other than the destruction of our planet? But the thought only lasted a minute. Because immediately I saw that the rights and voices of women are profoundly entwined with the care of this planet, the honouring of Her. Just as the hearts of men are entwined with it too. Women will not be uplifted to dignity, safety and equality until men heal themselves of their toxic shame and dishonour. She offers men that healing. It comes simply, through Love.

She is here for all of us, as She always has been. But now she is calling out in a way the trees and waters and little brown slaters can not do for themselves. She is singing through our hearts. I know billions of us hear her. The question is, will we act? Or will we become no more than bones in the dirt, ghosts in the hearts of forests, a shock wave slowly receding as the earth recovers from us?


  1. you echo some thoughts i have been having...it is a simple choice before our species, really. my question is whether our task is to heal ourselves, and so recover the ability to heal the earth (or allow her to heal herself); or is the task to heal the earth, and so heal ourselves? i suspect they are the same task, ultimately. but the endless greed of the men in suits (as you named them) whose empty souls are sucking the life out of the world, what must be done---what can be done---to stop them?

    sorry. things feel so...heavy...lately. and Love so hard to find.

  2. I too wonder if she's calling to us. If her voice is rising because of the times we're in. You've written beautifully about the things I too feel and wonder about.

    I wonder what it was like to grow up as a pagan?


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