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In the Old Winter Garden

A golden veil lies gently on the glade.  I love this afternoon hour when the earth seems for a while like a luminous bride come to her wedding bed. I especially love the winter tenderness of it, the delicacy of light and the quiet, more than the fervour of summer's golden hour. Most people don't understand that, they prefer the rich and the fabulous. Only a small group of us are watercoloured spirits, wanting the hushed.

The sky is spring-coloured but still evening rises early, winter-cold and starry. No matter how bright the days, it still takes two of them to get a lineful of laundry dry. It still requires a cardigan for going out, and slippers indoors.

There's such a loveliness in that need to unexpectedly take care, despite the sun. Just as I think late winter flowers are the most beautiful because of their unexpectedness as well as their courage.

* * *

I have been reading through the Anne of Green Gables series, as I often do. I fell into it by randomly, hurriedly. taking one of the books for my bag book (you also always have a bag book - a novel in your purse for reading whenever reading is possible, yes?) and couldn't quite stop when that one was done. But I'm onto Rilla now and have read it too recently. I can recite the sentences before reading them. So I'm looking about me for another source of gentle beauty. I have a few similar books, although for me there's nothing quite like Anne. I wish there were more web resources that shared such beauty. Imagine! Havens of loveliness; hedged gardens where we could sit awhile to drink in peace and a poetic view of life. Instagram doesn't quite do it for me. Pinterest is a little better, but even so - the pictures are lovely, but in the end there's really nothing more evocative than words. They can draw from your own mind an image more luscious and inspiring than any photograph.


  1. Dear, lovely Sarah, what a joy to stop in for a quiet visit. As I sip my coffee this morning while I read your gentle words I can't help but smile and sigh with contentment. You and your blog have a way of doing that.

    How are you, my friend? I hope you are well. Thinking of you and wishing you a beautiful week. Hugs!

  2. of course there is always a book in my bag! when i was single, sometimes i'd go out to a local pub/bar and wait for a friend to meet me there after work. whilst waiting, i'd read, and very quickly i acquired the soubriquet of "book lady" amongst the regulars and staff...

    we are mired in the very worst month of the year, in my (admittedly minority) opinion. august is unspeakably hot, and feels so worn-out, yet also endless. the poor school-age children (and their parents) are already in the throes of back-to-school shopping as they return to classes in a couple of weeks. so i envy your cooler weather, and the "delicacy of light" as opposed to out bleached blue and glare and heat-haze...

    if you find any other book havens, do share them! i was also prowling my shelves for something soothing and beautiful. meanwhile, i'll keep looking at my "pretty" boards on pinterest...

    1. I can't bear late summer myself. "Book lady" is a nice soubriquet to have :-) I was once the "fairy lady."

  3. I always have a book with me - reading is like breathing to me. On these hot, glaring summer afternoons, I like nothing better than to sink into another world via a book.
    Have you read the Emily books, also by LM Montgomery? Anne will always be my favourite, but Emily is also a kindred spirit. And have you discovered The Blue Castle, also by LMM?

    1. I like Emily sort of. The Blue Castle is a definite favourite!


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