Gentle, But With Dragons

My sitting room curtains are luminous with soft winter magic this morning. A deep peace lays on this little part of the world. I can hear glints of birdsong but the cottage is tucked up in on itself,  holding its warmth, keeping its softness. Soon I'll open windows, start making noise - dishes in water, furniture hauled about the room. But I do love this gentle hour when it seems nothing must be done, only being, only loving.

I have been quietly contemplating changes to my online spaces in the months to come, hoping to focus better on what I think I most naturally offer, and finding the right name or title to encompass it all, in the anticipation of perhaps being able to settle in a proper nice webspace with better design than little old blogspot. I've started gathering colour samples and key words which mostly come back to gentle and wild-hearted. I recognise that, for all I may bemoan the dwindling blog culture, responsibility for developing an audience also lies with me and the effort I make.

(Unfortunately, photography won't be a large part of my future, as my new computer is just a very cheap one - its colour settings are appalling, and can't be fixed. Everything looks yellow and overexposed, making photo processing impossible.)

This morning I happened upon a website which is done beautifully: Gentle Lilacs. The moment it comes onto the screen, one feels its softness and kind-heartedness. I would like to express that same mood myself, but with a tang of the storm, and of the witch lifting her skirts and words to the storm, and with a shadow that may be a dragon.

In other words, I suppose, gentle and wild-hearted. 

Art by Dugald Stewart Walker


  1. The wnter's morning in your little cottage sounds quite lovely and peaceful. I love your plans for your new website--do you know, "Gentle but with dragons" is actually a pretty awesome website name? It made me smile because it is also an apt way to sum up the series of novels I am writing.:)

  2. Your description of early morning is lyrical. (My favourite time of day.)

  3. Hi Sarah!
    First of all, thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate your sweet description of my blog Gentle Lilacs. I've been reading some of your blog posts and everything is so beautiful! You write so thoughtfully and clearly have a talent for words. I love the way you describe settings and moods. And that description of a 'gentle hour' in a winter morning sounds so delightful. I love it!
    I wish you the best for your blog and book writing! :)

  4. i had the most delightful image of you in a soft, pale dress, with two small dragons peeking out from behind your of them had a mouthful of flowers, and looked very sheepish.