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A Sudden Change in the Weather

Dear friends, I am moving to a new webspace. I understand this is a bad idea, I will lose about half my audience, and few bloggers can afford such a risk these days. If I was to explain myself I would say I can't go on with something that makes me unhappy just because of the risk in change. However, I can't explain myself. I had no intention of change at this moment in time. I was too busy being sick with the flu. However, it appears change had intentions of its own.

You can now find me here. 

The fact that for the first time in many years a name I wanted was actually available, not only with blogger but also everywhere else I tried, seemed to encourage the endeavour.  I am now also here at twitter, and here at instagram. I remain simply Sarah Elwell at Facebook.

Thank you for following me, I hope so very much to see you in my new space.


  1. …awesomeness! ~ have followed you over to your new haven ~ blessed be …

  2. I think sometimes the need to change or even just shift a little is normal so I don't think it's a problem. okay, yes, you do lose readers but that's the way it goes. you'll get new readers anyway.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Not going to get rid of us that easily, you know :) xx


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