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The Quick and The Undead

Today I watched Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (although I had to look away several times) and was reminded by it of a story I wrote several years ago about Regency era zombies, long before I knew anything about P&P&Z. (I've actually never read the book.) Infact, the story began as a short piece for an online writing club, and was later extended for addition into The Coracle Sky. I did flirt with the idea of extending it again into a full-length novel, but never got around to it, and now of course I couldn't as it would look like a cheap imitation of P&P&Z despite being written in ignorance of that novel. I guess there are only so many story ideas in the world.

I enjoyed the movie so much, I decided to publish The Quick and the Undead online while still in the cheerful zombie mood. You can read it here. If you enjoy it, please feel welcome to share the link. However, be advised it's quite different from what you may be used to from me - although closer in style and spirit to my current work in progress.

photo credit marta syrko


  1. ah, so glad that you posted this story! i read it and loved it in the "coracle sky" collection, and was happy to revisit it today.


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