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I am writing this with the aid of a clattery old keyboard attached to my laptop because yesterday I splashed water on the laptop keyboard and it no longer works. I'm in a rather numb state in lieu of staying truly calm. I suppose the situation will work itself out, or not.

I've been contemplating lately my comfort zone when it comes to personal sharing on social media. This week someone online attacked me out of the blue and then blocked me when I replied reminding them I am a real person. I used to share a lot more personally in years past but things like that stopped me; however, I wondered if it would have happened this time if my individuality was more apparent in my words. And yet, what does a writer owe to the public?

For the past several years, I have been dealing with serious health issues. The situation in America affects me in a deeply personal way for reasons I'm disinclined to share; suffice it to say, the daily news is anguishing. As I type this, another great and precious tree in my neighbourhood is being cut down, and because of such things I have largely forgetten what beauty feels like in the joyful mind. I can't contemplate climate change for more than a few seconds without beginning to hyperventilate. And then there are the nicer things - I am writing two books, one like the light of the moon and one like the dark; one a comedy, one a dream. (At least, I was before my computer broke.) I am building a tea cup collection I never thought possible. I have endured.

I am a real and ordinary person. But I don't want to write about that. I want to write magic, love, peace, hope. I don't owe the public anything, but I owe that to myself. 


  1. "...I wondered if it would have happened this time if my individuality was more apparent in my words."

    While I don't know what you said or what they said, I think your individuality is usually apparent in the things you write here.

    Maybe they said what made you feel bad because they feel bad and making you feel bad made them feel better by comparison. My 11 year old actually said that when I told him my blogfriend was sad because someone said something mean to her on the Internet.

  2. The behaviour of other people is not your responsibility to "arrange". That is entirely their responsibility and decision and speaks only about their own (flawed) character, nothing about yours.

  3. Being true to yourself is what draws the right people to enjoy your beautiful words. Keep on doing what you're doing, maybe they blocked you out of their own shame at writing such poison? You inspire and bring joy to so many people. x

  4. i am sorry you had such an unpleasant experience. there is a lot of really not very kind behaviour in the online world. there's a fair amount of it in the real world. it's hard on everyone, probably, but especially so on those of us who are sensitive and profoundly well-meaning. you certainly don't owe the public anything.

    i know what you mean about being unable to contemplate certain things without hyperventilating... there are things, like global warming, that are just so overwhelmingly awful---the mind and heart recoil before them. i wish i had more than sympathy to offer.

    magic, love, peace, hope... these are intrinsically worthy things. write them as a gift to yourself, as an expression of all that is beautiful in you. if you choose to share the writing that comes of this gift to yourself, i am sure that it will bring that beauty to others as well. and to those who understand it deeply and prize it for how it expresses something in themselves, it will bring also the comfort of knowing other souls like them exist.

  5. Ugh Sarah, I'm so sorry. Somehow I am still astonished when people are mean and rude on social media! Somehow I still have enough innocence that I am taken aback. Bless. Anyhow, I *am* sorry. It is such a slimy sensation, and unsafe ... well, as you know, I had to shutter my previous, long-time blog a little over a year ago. My new home is sweet and a whole lot quieter because of course I lost (some) of the good alongside cutting off the bad. {{hugs}} for you and hurrah for teacups and peace and magic and love. Life is *so* challenging. We need to honor our hearts and scatter grace in whatever manner best suits us.

  6. Thank you everyone :-) I never know if people come back to weblogs to see if there is a response to their comment - I never do, but I guess some others do, and I feel badly when I don't reply. I really appreciate all you have written <3


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