wild and dreaming stories from the edge of the world

Don't Wait For Beauty

Don't wait for beauty. Make it. Be it. 

Use the good chinaware, for everyone you serve, including yourself, deserves honouring. Buy the cheaper bread and spend what money is left over on little pots of flowers. Write not the story that scares you but reflects what you find most beautiful and inspiring in the world. Light the candles for yourself. Put flowers and pearls in your hair, poems in your mouth, a coin in the hand of the homeless person. Think of others' comfort - it takes nothing real away from you to do so. Plant where there is only ragged grass. Smile where people are dour. Make the prettiness you don't see. Show the behaviour you want shown to yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world.


  1. We can each only do our part.

  2. Yes. The only place it *can* begin is in our own hearts.

  3. Beautiful thoughts.. that I truly believe in and try to live by. Smile and you will be smiled at.
    It works! ♥