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A Letter from Sarah

Dear friends,

it's been somewhat of an eventful week for me, spent largely away from home, and social media consequently fell by the wayside. In one challenge, my computer broke. Miraculously, I was able to get another, and have now achieved a long-held dream of owning a pink computer. I lost some work on my current manuscript, despite regularly emailing it to myself as a preventative of such losses, but that was the very smallest of my concerns. However, yesterday's evening sky was an exultation of golden light, the moon softly kissing the world, a new bird singing at the unseen edges, all of it offering peace and love. A friend recently told me that if the world is material then Mystery is essential to balance and complete it, and when I look out my window at such everyday wonderments of nature, I think mystery is surely born in love.

I am returning slowly to my usual routine, thankful for the opportunity to rediscover what works well and what is in need of a change. Throughout the week, I was reading several Anne of Green Gables books, and I do believe that the moments I spent amongst their pages, suffusing my spirit with beauty and wholesome thoughts, made it possible for me to land so gently on my feet. It's always a little embarrassing to mention "wholesome thoughts" - we're supposed to be grittier these days, aren't we? But there it is, I'm hopelessly old-fashioned.

I hope your own week went well and that when you look out your window you see love.

Warm hugs,


photo by Carolyn Aiken


  1. Welcome back! Who makes a pink computer?

  2. i'm ever so pleased to hear that you have a new computer! and pink!

    i strongly suspect that grit and wholesomeness are not incompatible. and beauty is always, always a balm for the spirit. for me at least.

    the moon has been lovely, hasn't it? that's something, and a not inconsiderable something. welcome back. :)

  3. I'm very glad for you that your computer issues were resolved, but so sad that you lost some of your writing! :-(

    Wholesome thoughts make all the difference in the world. Peace begins with us. Love begins with us. Each of us in our own hearts help to build the world — and if not with wholesome thoughts and love, than what with? (I shudder to think).


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