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Truth & Beauty

I've been at a loss as to what to write here this morning. I have been in despair about the state of world affairs for a long time, but things just go on getting worse and I don't seem to have the ability to numb myself to it, nor to switch things off. Of course, I live in a small quiet village at the end of the world - others caught in the heart of the situation must feel so much worse than I. After many discarded drafts, I've decided to simply share links today, instead of my own words. I hope they fill your mind and heart. There's a mix of truth - because we need to face the truth - and happiness - because we need to take care of ourselves and remember how to smile. Generally speaking, it's a beautiful world out there. But each of us is responsible for keeping it that way.

A tragedy few people know or care about

There are so many people in this world who are truly a blessing

Anyone who knows history will shudder at these words

Magical beauty

Hilarious, because it's all true

This . This . This . This . This . ThisThis
I don't trust myself to leave a caption here

Natural pest control

A grandmother turns her village into an art gallery

The magical art of Stephanie Law


  1. I see light coming. Have you ever looked at something and for all the world it looks like one thing, but then, in time, it comes into focus and it was something else all along? My whole life has been like that. We are standing here, in the quiet dark, just before dawn.

    "Do you see that?" I say.


    "That light."

    You look closely for it and ask why I said, "Shh."

    "Because I hear it."

    The Earth is shaking. Something has changed. It's still dark, but the light is coming. One ray, then another. Then, suddenly, the sky will be bright.

    I don't know why the baobab trees are dying, but there is an old woman painting flowers on a house. Isn't that amazing? I don't know if Kim will disarm or if we will either. But I know the sun will shine there and here. And something will grow where the baobabs have died. What will it be? We will see.

  2. thank you for the links! i'd already wept over the baobabs and reposted the Vice article on social media begging people to shout at their representatives, and i really have no words for the shambles that US foreign policy (policy? really? we HAVE one?) has become lately... the adulating thread is hysterical because so true. i'm looking forward to "the firebird" greatly! by an odd coincidence, i was just looking at painted houses (and bee skeps) in various slavic cultures; that grandmother does beautiful work. and it was nice to end with the "shadowscapes" link, to rest in the beauty she creates.


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