Every Little Light Is A Star

It's been a hard week. Surely there isn't a parent alive who, aware of the news, hasn't suffered to some degree, whether emotionally or intellectually. (And not just parents, of course, but any person with a moral centre.) Actually, it's been a hard few years.

What can we do when it's so hard? I'm finding my way only slowly towards an answer for these questions. But I'm pretty sure that, as always, it is love.

I do not want to rage at America, for I know the majority of people there are both horrified by what has happened and terrified about what will come. I want to encourage, support, and love those people. I want to do anything I can to build them up so they feel strong enough to take the hard road ahead. I want to remind them of their past heroes, men and women who overcame the shadows that have previously darkened the nation, and of their current heroes, those who hold up the light, be it a spotlight or a small, flickering candle.

I do want want to rage at all. I want to be peace. My favourite quote of all time is be the change you want to see in the world (Arleen Lorrance) and I truly believe in the truth and power of this. There are times when we must speak up against atrocities, but within that, encompassing it, permeating it, can also be an attitude of peace. For me, that looks like softness and roses. For others, it may be something more fierce. Peace is neither silent nor docile. Jesus himself caused havoc in the name of Love. But always there is the spirit of kindness, community, hope. Always there is the kindling and warming, that comes from light.

To be an effective guiding light you can't be forever flashing wildly. Steadiness, gentleness, calm, are important. We can't help others out of the shadow if we have no hope in ourselves for the light. And so, be peace for yourself. If you cannot, there's no shame in that - it has been a very hard few years. Find those who are peace, let them help you, and give them encouragement so they can continue the work without burning out.

And so I remind myself (again) that when I offer gentle images, quiet words, it isn't that I've turned away from the horrors. It's that I'm trying to shine a little light, offer a reminder of peace. It's a very little light indeed. But every glimmer is a star in the long dark.


  1. "every glimmer is a star in the long dark"...indeed and it is...

    i am very grateful for the gentle. we all need a respite. peace. a reminder of what we are fighting for, too.

    in the midst of the puddle of despair that the past week (and longer) has been, i ran across the observation in multiple contexts that it takes just 3.5% of a population to effect change or to resist autocracy successfully. 3.5%! i have despaired of the good intentions and decency of a significant number of my fellow citizens, but surely we can muster 3 and a half percent of us who are committed to defending justice and kindness? surely there are at least that many souls who are kindly...

    all of us who are trying to be the change we wish to see need breaks. thanks for providing some comfort for the weary. i hope that you find comfort for your own efforts too.

  2. Yes indeed Sarah. Every voice, every heart, every poem and candle, every prayer and essay and book and blog ... Together we can light up the universe. :-)

  3. thank you for your light, Sarah. I cannot speak for everyone who reads your posts, but I can say for myself that your words inspire a peace in me and have inspired me to help spread that light a bit further.


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