Behind the Quiet

I'm not writing much here lately for two reasons. Firstly, I'm working on my next book and it's taking up most of my words. I won't call it a leech, I'll say, hmm, oh yes, it's a bulb being watered so that one day it will become a lovely flower in the world. Secondly, I don't actually believe there should be anything said in the public arena at the moment that doesn't involve the atrocities occuring at the American border, and this weblog is not a political platform. Therefore I find myself uncomfortably quiet.

But while quiet in this space. I am active elsewhere. On twitter, I mingle political outrage with thoughts about writing. (As a citizen of the world and a moral being, I feel entitled to my outrage even though I live far away from the atrocities not only in America but also Israel, England, Yemen, and sadly too many places to mention.) On pinterest, I collect mostly peaceful images which help me get through the day. And on instagram I try to make peaceful images myself. Bringing more softness and gentleness into the world is just as important as shouting in outrage.

I'm also trying to make more of an effort to be on facebook, since it's still the greatest referer to this weblog, but really that isn't easy. Their popularity-based algorithms have ruined the place. (I wonder what a social media site designed and run by women would look like? Actually, I already know, since they existed back at the start of the internet: discussion fora that looked like a forest of tree roots, mingling topics, mingling voices, creating art from conversation. Unfortunately, most of the ones I participated in folded due to gossip, back-biting, debate, and power struggles.)

So while I'm still writing here, I'm mostly engaged elsewhere for this season in life. Here's hoping for a beautiful, gentle spring ahead. 


  1. I believe that silence should be allowed, if not encouraged, on certain platforms at certain times. Living on the Arizona/Mexico border, I am privy to so many things that I wish I, and my children, did not have to witness. I have staid quiet on my blog, only updating here and there, for similar reasons. Our recent seasonal change inspired me this evening, but I am without words most days because of my current work in progress. You are entitled to your silence, my dear, as we all are. Please, do not feel the need to apologise for it. <3

  2. What book is that in the picture?

  3. Or, more so, what does that quote say? The few words I can see are very similar to something else I saw today.

    1. It's the Nature Notes of An Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden (same author as the Country Diary). Sorry I don't have the book infront of me to look up the quote, and as I'm tucked up in a blanket with a hot chocolate, it will have to wait until later lol.

    2. :) haha! I understand. No rush.

  4. Glad to hear you are busy writing and hear you on how impossible it feels to post anything when the U.S. is locking children in cages. We all need spaces like Knitting the Wind as a respite and reminder.

    In that vein, let me share a video I think you'll enjoy:


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