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The Memory of Stars

The sky is a velvet silence tonight. It has rained on me twice today. but that's all right. That's winter's kind of love. I am trying to figure out how to take the dark and the rain and turn them into story, so in the meanwhile here are some of my favourite old blogposts about the sky ...

Instructions For When the Sky Falls
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Wise Child
The Moon & The Water Magic

In the early days of the earth, a piece of it was broken off and sent into the deep sky. I know the scientific reasons. But I can't help thinking of a brave child going out alone to hold light for us in the dark, at the threshold of forever. Is the light her only consolation? Or does the silence give her peace? Can she hear the wolves and cats and poets singing her name? Maybe in the oldest days to come, she will return home.

1 comment:

  1. little sister, holding light
    in the great unknown of night
    all that is tidal, mutable, here
    moves to your measure
    in memory clear as water, as air,
    time is timeless, cyclical,
    moonlight dancing in our cells
    if we listen, she is there.


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