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the good girl

There once was a girl who cared about giving people what they wanted. She had been told this was wrong, but she could not see the reason for that. So long as it didn't hurt her, or take away from who she was, why not meet people where they wished to be? If it was in her benevolent power to give them something that would make them happy, why not?

Very few people understood her. They looked out of their castles, over their moats, watching always for dragons and other creatures that might take advantage of their carefully guarded goodwill. The girl fed dragons. She got a little singed sometimes - and sometimes she got actually burned. But the dragons were hungry (they ate lemon cake and old poetry) and helping them was a thing she could do. It didn't necessarily make her happy; it was occassionally dirty, achy work. But it did make her happy to see the dragons contented. And she got to hear wild stories, sad stories, beautiful moon-drenched stories, of flying beyond the world.

I would like to tell you the girl married a prince. Maybe she did, maybe not. There are plenty of girls who miss out. But regardless, she was a princess. I know you've read the old stories (or seen the films). A princess is a girl who does good. 

I would also like to tell you that the girl is me. Truth is, though, I'm not particularly good. If I saw a dragon I'd probably run screaming. But I can tell when blog readers prefer posts with pictures (stats are good for some things) and that's easy enough to give.


  1. Sometimes the dragons are the good guys. I'm glad you feed them.

  2. I'm sure I would scream and run if I see a dragon. but sometimes I sort of prefer to be the dragon instead of the princess. I just think dragons have more fun.

    I also think it's not bad to make other people happy if you could do it, there's just so much joy that someone could give without doing all that much.

    & yes, it's true, readers are more likely prefer having an image or two on a post because even if the text is some wonderful story, seeing an image does excite the mind a little more than reading words, at least, I think so.

    have a lovely day.

  3. although i'm a very visual person, i don't mind whether a post has a picture or no...

    the images in the words are enough for me. and i'm especially tickled by the picture i have of dragons being fed lemon cake and old poetry...yes. i bet they like gingerbread, too, and the odd cup of lapsang souchong (extra smoky, of course).

    and i bet it is rewarding, as well as occasionally singe- or cringe- inducing, to offer one's best nature to the world. in fact, i'll say it definitely is.

    here's to tea with dragons.

  4. I recognise this feeding the dragon idea - even those who don’t recognise a kind hand when they see it. Such is the stuff of fairy tales and real life. I applaud your integrity and commitment to who you truly are - and to lemon cake of course!


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