I Wish the World Was Run By Young Women

I wish the world was run by young women. The ones who carry poems around in their pockets, and draw dresses and flowers in their school books, and dream of kisses in the long slow shimmer of afternoon light as if this would be the best life could give them.

elif sanem karakoc

I wish the world was run by young women with fierce minds and fragile memories, who practice how to laugh so it seems everything is all right. The breakable women, the women for whom life can sometimes feel too much. I wish the world was run by the frangible, the tender-souled, the ones who bury tiny fallen birds, and stop for every dog along the street, and hug books to their hearts.

I wish I could give the world over to the girls who love dark angels, Byronic heroes, boys with haunted eyes who buy them roses, but only in books; girls who love everyone else in real life, because they know how good being loved feels. Girls who are at the top of their class or most popular in the office but make friends with the bullied. Girls smarter than their teachers but who read silly romances. The hopeless cases. The poets who would rather sell shoes or wait tables than make money which might keep them from poetry. The dreamers who can not bear to entirely wake up.

Arundhati Roy

If only the world was run by young women who want just small things - friendship, someone holding their hand, pink flowers on cupcakes, the scent of old books, vintage dresses, babies, quiet hours in the library, trilogies, grace, being left alone, being folded into warm arms, peace. Imagine a world where they gentled us, made us dream of romance, made us care for animals and flowers; a world where we all did what we could, going so softly, to protect their innocent vision of beauty.


  1. "because they know how good being loved feels."

    This is empowering.

    "The dreamers who can not bear to entirely wake up."

    A prediction: everyone who comes by here is going to relate to this.

  2. i wish the world were run by gentle girls. or by mothers. maybe every nation should be run by a triumvirate of a young girl, a 30-something mother, and an over 50 woman, all of whom were proved tender-hearted and compassionate...

    1. I wish I could agree, but I think adult women are as susceptible to the traumatisation of society and the negative psychological consequences as men are, perhaps more so. My point was that many young women have not yet developed defenses, are still striving to keep their hearts open despite the pain and the harm done to them.

      Also, I fear that the two adult women would belittle the input of the young one, as adults almost always do with younger people.

      But I'm taking my reply too seriously :-) I didn't really mean to talk about gender politics. in my post I could have included boys - nothing against the gender here, it was simply cleaner to just say girls :-)

    2. perhaps you are right. and boys needn't be left out, as you say. sometimes i think the only voices of reason speaking in my country are coming from younger folk and those who work with them, teachers, mothers...

    3. I understand your perspective since you are American. In my country, we have several high profile cases of mothers harming their children or allowing their children to be harmed (no doubt being victims of family violence themselves) ... we also have had a female prime minister who stripped the welfare system, and another who said women should hurry up with their child-rearing and get back into the workforce where they belong ... so I don't automatically see women as being the heroes of our culture.

  3. The world would be a much lovelier place if run by dreamers!

  4. such lovely thoughts expressed
    i now wish this too


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