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drinking wine and moonlight in the wild garden

The moon last night rose almost as bright as a dawn. I sat on my doorstep and watched it until I could no longer bear such gold. A wild-hearted cat kept me company, its eyes full of moon. When I went back inside it was still early - we're on real time again, the clocks finally having fallen back into sychronicity with nature, with woman-time, farmer-time. I think if more people sat to watch a moon rising in the eyes of a cat or a poet or a wondering child, there would be less call for daylight savings.

I'd been to church earlier in the day, but the moon did more for me. The vicar had a lovely voice but he lost me when he gently mocked Mary for supposing Christ was the gardener. It's always seemed clear to me that Mary was not mistaken, and in that moment she truly witnessed Christ in all his divinity, as the raiser of seeds, the lover of earth, the carer of the garden. That's what real, true-hearted power looks like, isn't it - so gentle, so simple, and maybe a little lonely.  I am not alone in my impression. When I complained about this on Facebook, a kind person sent me this poem.

by Fred La Motte

"We seldom notice how each day is a holy place where the
Eucharist of the ordinary happens." ~John O'Donahue

Out beyond Christianity
Magdalene and Jesus are dancing

in a garden where things grow wild,
where things grow into what they are.

Many paths lead here, not one,
and the gates are always open.

Over each gate there's a sign:
'Wanderers Welcome.'

Mary thinks Jesus is the gardener,
and he is.

They drink the wine that turns
temples into bodies again.

She reaches out to take his hand:
he lets her.

There are three rules here:
Yearn, Risk Everything, Connect.

Easter is over but the sacred never ends, so long as love is present. It is love that makes anything holy, otherwise we're just washing dishes and driving to work in the glare of morning light or sitting at night beneath an illuminated rock in the sky.


  1. Oh what a wonderful poem! Thank you for posting it here :-)

  2. Oh this makes me feel better in my simple, and yes sometimes lonely, little world...where I am often overwhelmed and bewildered by the surmise that more is more, bigger is better, grand is impressive etc. And yet what could be more impressive than a golden sunset in a wild and undoubtedly beautiful garden.
    Lovely poem and sentiments - thankyou!

  3. truly, if more folk paid attention to---and loved---the moon rises, and the sunsets, the eyes of children, the warmth of a faithful cat or dog against their leg every day they lived, we would have less call for mucking about with the clock time, or so many other silly things.

    i like that poem. and really, what could be holier than a garden? i like the idea of a god as a gardener, bringing something beautiful or nourishing to a goddess sitting amongst roses and nursing her baby. how beautiful, how peaceful...and yes, loving. nothing holier than that, either.

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