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This Morning With the Author

It's not that I want to be reclusive. It's that I'm always a bit clumsy on the fine line between not-enough and too-much, so I've learnt to be careful. But here today are some things about me, incase you were ever wondering if I'm a real person or a robot.

* I was born deep in the night, beneath a full summer moon. And maybe night and the moon were my midwives, and maybe they each left a bone or word like a wish in me, for I've loved them always.

* As soon as I could talk, I was trying to change my name, and have continued that effort all through my life to no avail. I suspect part of the reason I wanted to be a writer was so I could have a nom de plume. I regret that I chose Sarah for it, I should have gone with Rainsong or Windhaven or Charlotte.

* The first stories I told were to my dog, sitting on the kitchen doorstep watching the rain outside and waiting for everyone to wake up.

* My first love was Jesus. Regardless of all the various thoughts and experiences I've had of spirituality, my heart still goes still every time I see a realistic portrayal of him. I wonder for how many other people that longing just never goes away?

* Sometimes I wish I'd had a better school education, sometimes I'm glad it was all dungeons & dragons and lying dreaming in the sun. I suspect the best education I got was from the science fiction and fantasy novels I bought with my babysitting money. Certainly I'm grateful that I went on to university and learned about poetry and what a sanctuary the classics library can be.

* Really, I was just filling in time until motherhood. It saddens me how women these days are not allowed to have that as their only ambition. Or how many men have never been honoured for wanting to be stay at home fathers. I would have had half a dozen children if I'd been able.

* I can hardly wait for the new Royal baby to be born, but I'm worried they will call her Mary instead of Alice, and altogether I wish our society cooed over babies more often, and was far less cynical, and in less of a hurry to send children away.

* Of all my characters, I'm most like Isolda, without the bright red hair.

* Of all my short stories, the one I most want to make into a full novel is Aftermark.

* Living alone as a writer can be difficult. I find myself moving from the computer to the grocery store to the library and back again, more inside story than the real world. I've heard this is not healthy.

* Some of the trees in the city have turned to gold. The mornings are growing colder. Autumn is here, with its whisper of winter, and my heart feels endless relief. I may have been born at midsummer, but I live for the dark half of the year.

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